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Which glow cream is meant for me?

This range is selected based on your current skin shade
Caramel/slightly dark skin – Luminous Glow Plus R3 + Booster (former R/M)
Medium light skin – Intense Luminous Glow + Booster (former CS/S)
Very light skin – Intense Luminous Glow Plus (former SP) / Intense Luminous Glow
Plus + Booster (former E)

How do I know which suites my brightening skin concerns?

If you are looking to improve that complexion at length, opt for either Intense
Luminous Glow Plus or Intense Luminous Glow as suits your complexion but if you
are darker or have already achieved your complexion needs, opt for Luminous
Glow Plus R3 to tone and maintain that flawless radiant skin.

Or Book a consultation today.

How to use glow range?

  1. After night shower, apply a measure of Charisma Vitamin E oil on damp skin
    over face (avoid eyes) and body
  2. Apply cream using gentle circular motions, emphasizing on problem and
    dark areas such as knee, knuckles, inner thigh etc
  3. For best result, use with Booster
  4. Recommended use, 3 times – 5 times weekly

What not to do when using Glow range?

1. Do not use during day time
2. Do not use without Vitamin E, Mineral Carrot Oil
3. Do not use if you have skin blemish, treatment needs, or have sensitive skin
(except after full consultation)
4. Do not use on eye area

Which Shea Body Butter formula is best for me?

All formulations are rich in shea butter oil to moisturize, nourish, reduce blemish
and protect your skin. They are fantastic for all skin types.

Shea Souffle Body Butter – cream is made in lotion form for easier absorption,
leaving the skin smooth, matte and refreshed all day long. Recommended dry skin
condition needs.

Shea Souffle Body Butter – raw contains higher content of shea butter, leaves the
skin smooth, radiant and refreshed all day long dry skin condition needs.

Shea Butter Oil is great for all round body care. It prevents and fades stretch
marks (during and after pregnancy also), varicose veins, cellulites. Also great for
hair care.

Oily skin needs?

Need to feel refreshed and anything but drippy and sticky all day?
Opt for our Double Moisture Lotion that specially made to reveal your glow whilst
trapping that moisture in all day.

Prone to facial break out?

Oh my! That’s never funny whether it’s that time of the month or the usual. Book
a spa session today to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin and cleanse your pores.
Grab a bottle of our Pore Purifier and our 100% blend of natural oil to nourish
your skin. Hey! Don’t worry, we are your skin plumber.

Dry skin needs?

Say Goodbye to that dry, flaky skin.
Dry skin is cause by many factors but irrespective of that, our moisturizing and
nourishment formulations will help you get a hold of that in no time.
Book a spa session today to open, treat and rejuvenate your pores. Grab a bottle
of our Pore Purifier and array of formulations for your skin needs.

Green veins?

This is a result of so many factors that could range from skin type /texture to
product use, physiological factors. A bottle of Ori oil with natural essence will help
you treat this, however, a consultation will help us determine your skin’s why and
how to solve that.
So go ahead, book that consultation today.

Are Charisma Cosmetics products natural?

All our products contain natural and non-toxic content in order to give your skin
an all-natural glow and results from face wash, body wash to body lotions. Our
spa sessions are conducted with natural and skin nourishing products and

Sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin might be oily which is prone to breakout, it might be dry, and also it
might be hyper sensitive. To determine how to best treat your skin, proper
consultation is necessary.

So go ahead, book that session today.

Does the brightening face wash lighten?

The brightening face wash is enriched with natural extracts to cleanse, nourish
and promote your flawless complexion.

Skincare for men?

Everyone has skin not just the ladies and we should all wear it beautifully.
Our skincare products and services cater for the need of every gender and age.

Our Skin Care is Unisex.
Get a bottle of our double moisture lotion, brightening face wash, shea souffle bottle water (Raw or Cream) and Shea butter oil for your manky needs

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