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This range is selected based on your current skin shade
Caramel/slightly dark skin – Luminous Glow Plus R3 + Booster (former R/M)
Medium light skin – Intense Luminous Glow + Booster (former CS/S)
Very light skin – Intense Luminous Glow Plus (former SP) / Intense Luminous Glow
Plus + Booster (former E)

If you are looking to improve that complexion at length, opt for either Intense
Luminous Glow Plus or Intense Luminous Glow as suits your complexion but if you
are darker or have already achieved your complexion needs, opt for Luminous
Glow Plus R3 to tone and maintain that flawless radiant skin.

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  1. Apply cream using gentle circular motions, emphasizing on problem and
    dark areas such as knee, knuckles, inner thigh etc
  2. For best result, use with Booster
  3. Recommended use, 3 times – 5 times weekly

Shea Souffle Body Butter – cream is made in lotion form for easier absorption,
leaving the skin smooth, matte and refreshed all day long. Recommended dry skin
condition needs.

Shea Souffle Body Butter – raw contains higher content of shea butter, leaves the
skin smooth, radiant and refreshed all day long dry skin condition needs.

Shea Butter Oil is great for all round body care. It prevents and fades stretch
marks (during and after pregnancy also), varicose veins, cellulite. Also great for
hair care.

All our products contain natural and non-toxic content in order to give your skin
an all-natural glow and results from face wash, body wash to body lotions. Our
spa sessions are conducted with natural and skin nourishing products and

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