Spa Services

    • Golden Glow (Body Polish)


      A healing spa treatment that combines natural oils and custom-blended essential oils with all natural sea salt, rich in trace minerals to nourish and exfoliate the skin.

    • Slimming Massage


      This is a fat burning massage that deals with years of accumulated fat deposits by kneading and rolling away the fatty under-lying tissue from those hard to loose areas like the upper arm, thighs and buttocks, it also restructures the shape, firms and improves overall circulations.

    • Relaxing Massage


      A non-therapeutic, soothing massage focused on creating an overall relaxation of the body with Charisma relaxing massage cream.

    • Foot & Hand (Pedicure & Manicure)


      Relax and unwind as your feet are treated to a foot massage and exfoliating treatment. Enjoy having your feet totally pampered. Treat your hands to a manicure, leaving them feeling wonderful and looking fantastic.

    • Basic Biogen facials (mask purifying)


      This deep cleansing facial is suitable for all skin types. The face is cleansed and is gently exfoliated with olive stone granules which softens the skin, and eases away emulsified sebum and keratinized cells.

    • Biogenic green tea facials (The Youth Foundation)


      This luxurious facial restores and tones the skin leaving it radiant and glowing. This treatment helps to detoxify facial tissues with the use of biologically engineered products that are high in anti-oxidants and minerals, resulting in a smooth skin, improves complexion and diminishes fine lines, reduces puffiness, leaving your face clear with a radiant glow.

    • Aftercare


      We will give you very comprehensive aftercare advice. Our Aftercare services is a facial or body treatment for sensitive skin.


      Waxing Underarm –  N3,000

      Half (leg) – N5,000

      Full body waxing – 10,000

    • Chinese Massage


      Long strokes and kneading of the superficial layers of muscles. It is a soothing massage which helps to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and enhance relaxation. A Chinese therapist is available by appointment.

    • Sports Massage


      A vigorous massage using compression cross fibre friction techniques as well as stretching. It focuses on muscles used in a particular athletic activity or problem areas.

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