• Sports Massage


      A vigorous massage using compression cross fibre friction techniques as well as stretching. It focuses on muscles used in a particular athletic activity or problem areas.

    • Physio-therapeutic Massage


      Rehabilitation of accident victims: This helps the body recover from trauma, pain management, posture correction, manipulation of muscles, tendons and joints.

    • Basic Biogen facials (mask purifying)


      This deep cleansing facial is suitable for all skin types. The face is cleansed and is gently exfoliated with olive stone granules which softens the skin, and eases away emulsified sebum and keratinized cells.

    • Biogenic green tea facials (The Youth Foundation)


      This luxurious facial restores and tones the skin leaving it radiant and glowing. This treatment helps to detoxify facial tissues with the use of biologically engineered products that are high in anti-oxidants and minerals, resulting in a smooth skin, improves complexion and diminishes fine lines, reduces puffiness, leaving your face clear with a radiant glow.

    • Heavy build-up facials (Dermatology)


      This beauty technique is used to remove dark spots, acne, and cystic acne, poly-porous comedo of all characteristics, razor bumps, and blotches and also relieve pigmentation. It also drains sinuses and all edemas of the face. After extraction and treatment of the acne, a beautiful textured hydrating mask containing a blend of emollients humectants and zinc oxides, glycerin and paraffin oil are applied on the face.

    • Burn therapy facials


      This is a skin repair treatment through therapeutic approach. It is a procedure used to revitalize and enhance skin renewal, recommended for patient/clients that have sunburn, chemically damaged skin due to excessive use of strong and corrosive products or over exposure to the sun.

    • Aromatherapy


      Aromatherapy is practically the use of natural distilled essences (essential oils) of plants to promote and improve health. It can help prevent an assortment of ailments, treats acnes, pains, dark spots, and relieve pigmentation. It also helps in reducing stress, lift depression, restore or enhance emotional well-being.

    • Aftercare


      We will give you very comprehensive aftercare advice. Our Aftercare services is a facial or body treatment for sensitive skin.


      Waxing Underarm –  N3,000

      Half (leg) – N5,000

      Full body waxing – 10,000

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